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Our Mission and History

Photo: Happy couple walking on beachThe Mission

As a leader in comprehensive integrative medicine, our goal is to offer an intensive Anti-Aging Medicine program utilizing advanced regeneration therapies. Our intention is to advance world consciousness to the scope of possibilities for optimal whole health and longevity.

Our History

The American Health Institute, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Janet Hranicky, Ph.D., renowned leader and pioneer in the field of PsychoNeuroImmunology. Dr. Hranicky's vision for the Institute was to develop a paradigm shift that would influence the worldwide understanding of health and longevity based on a new scientific model of understanding whole person medicine.

The American Health Institute, Inc. represents the future in providing leading edge medical technology and customized treatment programs and natural products for Anti-Aging and Regeneration Medicine.

Dr. Hranicky coupled her research on the effects of emotions and stress on the body's physiology with Michael Galitzer, M.D., a prominent and respected physician known for his work in the field of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, to create customized programs for people who travel from all over the world who want to restore, re-balance, and re-strengthen their health and consciously influence optimal longevity.

Michael Galitzer, M.D., as Medical Director of The American Health Institute, Inc., has become visibly known for his participation in Suzanne Somers' last four popular books. The most recent book, Ageless, is newly released and highlights some of Dr. Galitzer's most important research and knowledge in incorporating BioIdentical Hormone Therapy with some of the Natural products he has developed and designed to regenerate the body. Dr. Galitzer's work represents the standard for the future in Anti-Aging Medicine.

As per our commitment to treating the Whole Person, we offer through our on-line Natural Product Store, many formulas developed by Dr. Galitzer over the last dozen years that have been designed for a wide range of conditions where people who are seeking not only symptomatic relief of certain symptoms, but even more importantly the treatment for addressing the root cause of the symptoms.

We are excited to introduce our new line of featured products, The Younger You®, which can be viewed in our Product Store, a comprehensive Anti-Aging Package has been designed as a way for anyone in the world to begin their process of feeling better and regenerating their health.

We are committed to our role in world wide education and research and provide a free quarterly Newsletter that includes articles and essays as well as interviews with leading health care professionals who are having an impact in the new paradigm of health care and longevity.